• Demo Reel

    My latest reel featuring work I’ve done over the last five years. Music: Run the Jewels […]

  • D&B SMS

    D&B wanted to showcase their Supply Management Solutions in this story of Julie & Ethan, showing […]

  • D&B Sugar

    Revelator was tasked with creating a promotional video for the unique partnership between Dun & Bradstreet and SugarCRM. […]

  • D&B Mobile IQ

    Once again, Revelator hired me to help create a fun and energetic video for D&B. This time, […]

  • Esna – Cisco + Google

    Revelator was tasked to create this lifestyle video with Somnio to illustrate the partnership between Cisco and Google […]

  • Austin Anijam 2014

    I had the honor of participating in the inaugural Austin Anijam, a 48 hour animation challenge […]

  • Showtime | Penny Dreadful

    Great Job! hired me to help animate some “satanic glyphs” that would be used in promotions for Showtime’s […]

  • Showtime | Nurse Jackie

    Great Job! hired me to help create a graphic toolkit to use for Showtime’s Nurse Jackie […]

  • ERA – New Thinking

    Great Job! hired me to help create a video for ERA to launch their new brand. […]

  • Wonder Bread

    Troy Davis and Geomedia Inc. originally shot and completed these commercials with Steve Nash in a […]

  • Houston Community College

    HCC’s fall campaign, developed by 808 Inc., combines live action and 3D animation to help take […]

  • GED Test Math Strategies

    Pearsson’s GED Test Math Strategies helps teach skills and strategies to those looking to pass the […]

  • D&B360

    D&B360 turns the data in your CRM into insight that helps your sales and marketing teams […]

  • D&B Compliance Check

    D&B Compliance Check provides a complete and effective anti-corruption program to help customers protect their equity […]

  • iMeet

    I was hired, along with Graham Hutchins, to animate on-screen elements and do some compositing in this spot […]

  • Mobile Bay

    Shiny Object hired me to animate this spot for the Mobile Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau. […]

  • Legacy

    I was hired to animate four videos for The American Legacy Foundation.  The first is a short […]

  • Metro Atlanta

    Two Shot West hired me to animate this ad for MAVEN (Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network). […]

  • Driscoll Children’s Hospital

    Driscoll Children’s Hospital has been caring for the children and pregnant moms of South Texas for […]

  • Max Credit Union

    A 30-second spot advertising the Max Mobile Banking app for your smart phone. Team: Shiny Object […]

  • D&B Direct

    Revelator hired me to animate and track the text, and a few other elements, in this video […]

  • Centura Health

    Shiny Object hired me to animate this spot for Centura Health. It started out as a […]

  • AMC

    AMC wanted 4 videos to show before every movie in their theaters to help promote their […]

  • AARP

    Shiny Object hired me to animate one of the four spots for AARP’s “Get The Facts” […]

  • HTC Rhyme

    TBD Post hired me for some more screen replacement for this HTC Rhyme ad. I was […]

  • Freescale

    Teshler Creative hired Dustin Scott and me to bring to life some fictional future devices featuring Freescale […]

  • la Crème

    Shiny Object hired me to help create these three short web videos showing Sterling the Spoon’s […]

  • Alabama Credit Union

    Another few spots I helped work on while I was an intern at Shiny Object. Not […]