Back in college when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I graduated, I took a class on a whim called RTF 344M Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. That class was when I first touched After Effects, when I first learned what keyframes and alpha mattes and blending modes were, and countless other things that really pushed me into what I’m doing now.

The lecturer for that class was Dr. Arie Stavchansky. Since then I’ve helped him out on a couple of projects, but most recently he contacted me about a new After Effects script that he had developed called Templater. When he showed me some of the tutorial videos he had been working on that show off all that Templater can do, I was blown away. I knew of scripts that could link text layers or render settings to spreadsheet data before, but this was the first time I had seen it used with online data (Google Docs or Twitter) or in a design-friendly way.

Anyways, he contacted me about working on the sizzle video that would be posted on the Templater product page and aescripts to help get people interested and give them an overview of what Templater can do. I, unfortunately, was busy with other work so I wasn’t initially able to help him out. However, a week or two later he contacted me again to see if I could give him a day or two of my time to help make some changes to the sizzle video that he had animated, and at that time I agreed to help him out.

Below is the Templater sizzle video that I worked on a little bit, but really this is just a post to say, “Go check this script out! It’s pretty amazing!” If you are someone who often has to create lots of different versions of videos, or different translations, or different encodes of the same video, then definitely check it out. You can learn more and purchase Templater at aescripts.

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