AMODA | Loop Mass

I had the honor of contributing some loops to AMODA’s Loop Mass project. My loops would be shown during Matt Steinke’s performance, and his creative brief included phrases like SPACE TRAVEL, UNMANNED SPACE PROBES, TUNNELING THROUGH SPACE, and LOST IN SPACE.

I thought about traveling through doors to different dimensions, which is where my personal favorite of my loops came from. Naturally, 2001: A Space Odyssey came to mind and I wanted to try and create something similar to the stargate slit scan effect from that film for another one of my loops.

Loop Mass was a joint effort by the Austin Museum of Digital Art and Captive that was staged at the Off Center theater in August of 2016. The installation consisted of about 60-70 suspended picture frames with spandex backing that comprised a large suspended, projection-mapped sculpture. This was populated by short video loops commissioned from over 50 animators and filmmakers from across the country. Two nights of musical performance by local composers Justin Sherburn, Matt Steinke, Zac Traeger and Kyle Evans were staged with special curated loop collages specially created for their sets.